Watch: SkyRanger Drone Video Provides Further Assessment of Damage Caused by Irma

Aeryon Labs Inc., manufactures unmanned aerial systems (better known as drones) and they recently deployed their SkyRangers to support the international relief organization known as GlobalMedic. The SkyRanger UAS’s have thermal cameras to help locate survivors by detecting body heat.

The project is being done to assess the damage and aid first responders in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. GlobalMedic sends Canadian volunteers around the world to aid in the aftermath of disaster and crises.

Here’s the video that resulted from their efforts. The full press release is featured below the video.

SINT MAARTEN – September 12th – Aeryon Labs Inc., the premier manufacturer of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), has deployed SkyRanger UAS and an expert pilot to help support the disaster recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Starting in Sint Maarten, Aeryon has partnered with the relief organization GlobalMedic to provide aerial intelligence to first responders and international disaster relief teams on the ground.

Last week, Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm with sustained winds of over 185 mph, tore through the Caribbean leaving devastation in its path.

“GlobalMedic immediately offered our support to the communities affected by Irma,” said Rahul Singh, Executive Director, Global Medic. “Using UAS for aerial intelligence and reconnaissance enables us to rapidly determine how and where to help the people who need it the most. Aeryon’s UAS are built for reliable operations in extreme conditions like high winds and torrential rain, making them the perfect aerial asset for our disaster response efforts.”

The Aeryon SkyRangers deployed to the Caribbean are equipped with Aeryon SR-EO/IR Mk II thermal cameras to help locate survivors by detecting body heat. In addition, Aeryon’s HDZoom30 cameras deliver powerful zoom capabilities and can provide detailed facial recognition from over 1,000 feet away.


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