A History of St. Martin’s Lolos, What’s Best On the Menu From ‘Sky’s the Limit’ Founder, Jacqueline Lake-Carty (Video)

Jacqueline Lake-Carty is better know as “Jacko” and is recognized as an emblematic figure around Saint Martin. She opened the lolo known as ‘Sky’s the LImit’ 20 years ago in Grand Case, the capital of Caribbean gastronomy. As a young child, she learned to cook Caribbean specialties from her mother.

‘Sky’s the Limit’ is located on the northern end of Boulevard de Grand Case set directly on the shore of Grand Case Bay, and adjacent to several other lolos.

What is a lolo?

A lolo is the name given to the “lo”-cal specialty restaurants in Saint Martin. “We call [them] lolos because, you know, you have the fancy restaurants and stuff like that, and we are the locals,” said Lake-Carty. “That’s why we named it the lolos, so [guests] can find the local people and they have the local food.”

What to order at a lolo?

According to Lake-Carty, most tourists like to order ribs and chicken, but that’s not necessarily what her recommendation would be. “I propose the conch and I say, ‘If you don’t love it you won’t pay for it,’ so they go for it.”

In addition to the conch, Lake-Carty also recommends the red snapper and says that many people ask “what is your secret” for the seasoning. Lake-Carty simples replies, “A lot of love.” And whatever you do, don’t leave with trying the local specialty, a Johnny Cake with a hole cut in the middle.

I don’t know about you, but I could really go for a combo plate from ‘Sky’s the Limit’ right about now!

Here’s a link to the full video with interview of Lake-Carty.

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