Where to Donate and How to Support Saint Martin

SXM Strong was created on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, with a simple vision: Support the entire community of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin, and disseminate information, following the catastrophic events of Hurricane Irma.

Since those first few days after the hurricane, SXM Strong has continued to support the community of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. Through funds raised on this website we have contributed to several individuals, families, and NGOs working on and around the island.

Below you will find links to organizations we support, and whom we are partnering with to help provide aid and assistance to the island. We have been very diligent in selecting organizations to give our support to in an effort to ensure the highest level of integrity and organization so that resources will be directed to those most in need on the island. While we do support these organizations, we do not represent them and therefore cannot offer any assurances related to the performance of their stated missions.

If you’d prefer to show your support for the island through SXM Strong, you can click here to purchase an SXM Strong t-shirt, sweatshirt, face-covering, or iPhone case. A portion of all proceeds raised through SXM Strong will be used to assist and support local communities, local businesses, and to help promote and increase sustainable tourism.

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Freegan Food Foundation

The Freegan Food Foundation was established in 2017 after the devastating Hurricane Irma hit the island of Sint Maarten. The founders, DJ and Joost, lived on the island from 2010 – 2013 and moved back to Holland after. When they saw what Irma did to the island, they wanted to do something for the people on St. Maarten but didn’t know what was really necessary. So when a close friend asked them to share free meals for people in need, they immediately said yes.

Joost and DJ started raising funds in Holland and in February 2018 they returned to the island for 5 weeks. They gave out 100 – 150 meals a day to the people who were still challenged after the hurricane. Coming back to Holland they felt the need to do more. So they started thinking: What if we could get all the ‘waste’ from the supermarkets (fresh produce that has a dent, or food that is close to the expiry date) make that into meals and share those to the people in need? We tackle two big problems: Food waste (30-40 % of all the food in the supermarkets never reaches our households) and we serve healthy, nutritious meals, for people who are not always able to do so. And thus the foundation was born.

At this moment the foundation serves over 800 families every month with fresh fruits, vegetables, dry goods, and also clothing, furniture, books, toys; Anything that deserves a second life.

Click here to donate to Freegan Food Foundation

All About a Smile – SXM

Started by two Sint Maarten locals, All About a Smile is a grassroots organization that seeks to make the island of Sint Maarten a better, happier place. With the help of people from all around the world, they are fundraising for those in need around the Island.

This organization’s goal is to help local communities by making donations of clothing, food, and basic necessities so they can rebuild their lives following Hurricane Irma for the long run.

Click here to donate and help All About a Smile raise funds for local communities around Sint Maarten

Be The Change Foundation

Be The Change Foundation, registered in May 2012, is a charity fundraising group that assists St. Maarten non-profit organizations with raising the monies needed for a particular cause while also promoting the mission and objectives of that NGO (non-governmental organization) to encourage volunteerism.

Becoming a Be The Change member means you are igniting a social philanthropic movement, hence making a united effort to change and improve life on the island.

Be The Change Foundation also serves the local community of St. Maarten by serving as a social map to various NGOs and community projects on the island that are in dire need of financial assistance and volunteers. If you are wondering where to volunteer your time or donate your money, goods, and/or services, you’ve come to the right place!

Via social media and electronic crowdfunding, Be The Change will facilitate and accommodate people’s busy lives whereby it is quick and simple to give back to those in need, while at the same time presenting them with various volunteering opportunities.

Click here to donate to Be the Change Foundation


Note: Please, do not donate to disreputable and unknown organizations, or any new Go Fund Me pages or private fundraisers without doing your research.

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