Known U.S. Airlines Service Start Dates, Frequency and Pricing for Flights to Sint Maarten (SXM)

With news that Princess Juliana International Airport will reopen on October 10, 2017, there have been corresponding service announcements by the individual airlines. Of course, they’re all different so I wanted to put together a post in an effort to consolidate information I was able to find out about airlines based in the United States.

The information below is for non-stop service to SXM only for the month of October. I’ve done my best to gather as much information as I could, so this may or may not be an all-inclusive list. Keep in mind the airlines are actively updating this information so be sure to check directly with the airlines to confirm the details.

Every airline typically offers non-stop service from different cities. Most of the time, those cities are hubs for the respective airlines. I will publish another post later today or tomorrow with information on flights to SXM from non-hub major metropolitan areas. That information is not included here.

In addition, I am working to gather information on hotels and room availability. Keep in mind, most hotels experienced major damage from Hurricane Irma and are not open. So capacity on the island is way down. If you book a flight, make sure you have arranged for a place to stay in advance of doing so.

Please keep in mind that this is information I looked up on my own on the internet. It’s going to be subject to change, and, in most cases, is not based on any formal guidance from the airlines. In some instances, such as American Airlines, there has been formal guidance issued (read that here). I’ve noted that below.

American Airlines

American announced on Thursday, October 5, that they would be resuming daily flights to SXM (announcement here). They are offering $99 capped one-way, non-stop fares for main cabin class and $199 for premium cabin fares through October 29.

The $99 flights are for non-stop service to/from Miami. So, you need to get to Miami to take advantage of this offer. It’s not know at this time if they will offer flights from other cities.

American is also waiving bag fees for up to two checked bags up to 50 pounds each through October 29 for customers traveling to or from Sint Maarten.

Delta Air Lines

Delta has not issued a formal press release about their service to Sint Maarten as of this writing. They do have tickets for sale on their website.

They are currently offering daily non-stop flights from Atlanta (ATL) to SXM beginning on October 12. One-way fares on those flights start at $354, according to their website. You can go to to get more information or to look up flights.

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue has not issued a formal press release about their service to Sint Maarten as of this writing. They do have flights available through but they are not non-stop. In the past, JetBlue has had non-stop service between JFK and SXM. That service is not being offered as of now for the month of October.

All JetBlue flights in October to SXM connect through SJU.

The first non-stop JetBlue JFK-SXM flight I was able to find is on November 2, 2017.

Spirit Airlines

Currently, Spirit is not selling flights to SXM on their website. They state that their service will restart in February 2018. As of now, that is the only update for Spirit.

United Airlines

United has not issued a formal press release about their service to Sint Maarten as of this writing. They do have flights available through but they are not non-stop.

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Disclosure: This post is meant for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as an offer. The information here was obtained directly from the airline websites so check there if you want to purchase a ticket. All information is subject to change without notice and in accordance to each individual airlines internal policies.

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