Extreme Activity in Atlantic Basin Ties Record For Number of Named Tropical Storms

Boy, is there a lot of storm activity in the Atlantic Basin. If you’ve visited the NOAA’s National Hurricane Center website recently you’ve likely noticed as much. Seeing all of the storms lately got me wondering about what the record was for most named storms at one time.

It turns out that five named tropical storms ties a record for the most named storms ever at one time in the Atlantic Basin. That happened on Monday and since then Rene has been downgraded, so there are currently four named storms as of the time of this article.

There is, however, one storm developing that Saint Martin and other islands of the Lesser Antilles will need to keep an eye on. For now, it is forecast to be tracking west towards the Lesser Antilles at 10-15 mph. These forecasts can change dramatically, so the hope is this storm pushes north of Sint Maarten and out to sea.

This season has been so active that there is only one name remaining for the 2020 hurricane season. After that, storm names will follow the Greek alphabet, which has only happened once in 2005.

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