Jon Ferlise

Founder and Owner

I’ve been visiting the island of Saint Martin for over ten years, with my first visit coming in May of 2009 to celebrate my 40th birthday (I’ve since celebrated my 50th birthday in Saint Martin, as well). Since that first visit, Saint Martin has become an integral part of my life, visiting countless times for longer and longer periods.

I currently live in the United States and consider the island of Saint Martin a second home, and a heavy favorite to someday be my first home. I love the culture, the community, and the beauty of this small, incredible place. The people have always made me feel at home and welcome. This website was started as a way for me to help share the knowledge and information I’d gained during Hurricane Irma. You can read about the vision and mission here.

I use the site now to share any information that I think can help people enjoy their time on-island a little more. I’d like to think I have pretty unique insights about Saint Martin and I’m constantly adding to my understanding and knowledge about life here.

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach meĀ here. Thanks for swinging by and hopefully we’ll meet someday in Saint Martin!


Jon Ferlise
Proud Founder, SXM Strong

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