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An aviation geek's dream come true!

Anyone who’s been to Sint Maarten’s Maho Beach and experienced, firsthand, the thrill of a huge commercial jet flying overhead, knows the feeling of “the rush” that comes along with it. Ever wonder what it’s like being in the cockpit of one of those monster jets?

In the two videos below, you’ll get two different perspectives of this epic experience. The first video is taken from the cockpit of an Air France A340 — with a seating capacity of 275 — flying in to land recently over Maho Beach at Sint Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport. The second video shows the same flight (I believe, but unconfirmed) coming in to land from the sand on Maho Beach.

Fun stuff! Enjoy!

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View from the ground (I wasn’t able to confirm that these are both the same landings but I assume so based on video dates):

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