Surreal Images From the Irma International Relief Effort at Princess Juliana International Airport

There were some mighty aircraft that landed and helped provide relief to Sint Maarten in the wake of Hurricane Irma. And while we all heard about the relief flights coming in, none of us were there to take in the visual of what such an enormous humanitarian effort really looked like. Or so we thought.

Well, of course there were people there. And fortunately for us, there were some very talented photographers on the airport property who took some extraordinary photos of the scenes at Princess Juliana International Airport.

The photos below were taken by Irving Maduro, a talented photographer who works at Princess Juliana International Airport. He captured quite an incredible array of photos that I think you’re going to enjoy.

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Photo via Irving Maduro
Venezuela Air Force – Antonov 12
Venezuela Air Force
US Coast Guard – C130
US Air Force – C17
US Air Force – C5
US Air Force – C130
Sunwing Airlines
Spirit Airline Relief Flight
Spirit Airlines Relief Flight
Samaritan’s Purse – DC8
Russian Ilyusian
Royal Jordanian – B787
PAWA Dominica – MD83
Boarding and deplaning relief flights
KLM – 747 relief flight
JetBlue A321 relief flight
German A400
French helicopters airlift water
French military
French A400
Delta 737 relief flight
Colombian Air Force B727
Antonov An-124
Antonov An-124
Brazilian Air Force ERJ-190
British C130
Canadian Air Force C17

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