Morning Update: US Citizens to Airport by Noon, Dutch/French Border Info, Canada Info, More

As reported yesterday, all U.S. Citizens who want to leave the island should be at the airport (SXM) by no later than noon. Expect long lines and a lot of people. I do not have any further information on number of flights or when they’ll be departing.

In addition, the U.S. State Department sent out a tweet indicating the the Dutch/French border was closed. I’ve asked them for more information but have not yet received a response.

If this is true —  there have been conflicting reports (see below) — what I’m most interested in is why people are not being allowed to pass from the French side to the Dutch side. There are many Americans stuck on the French side that need to get to the SXM airport so I’m hoping the border is open.

There are many Canadians seeking information to find out what rescue efforts are being made by their country. I have tried to contact Canadian officials with no success. There was recently a tweet sent out by Toronto reporter, Mike Drolet, stating that West Jet is sending an aircraft today to pick up citizens.

The first of two flights arranged by Copa Airlines has taken off from SXM transporting Latin Americans to Panama. The second flight is scheduled to take off at noon.

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