Watch: Don’t Be Surprised to Hear What Two Cruise Passengers Say About Being in Sint Maarten

It’s the biggest question out there right now: How are things in Sint Maarten and is the island ready for tourists? I’ve been on the island since Wednesday, and have posted a lot of videos, including posts on my thoughts as I departed for SXM, video on my arrival at the airport, and some footage of Orient Beach.

Of course, it’s easy to think that perhaps I’m not the most independent source since I clearly love Sint Maarten. That’s exactly why I decided to stop two cruise ship passengers today on Maho Beach and ask them what they thought of things in Sint Maarten.

Here’s video of that impromptu interview, after which I won’t blame you if you start searching for flights to plan your next trip!

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Jon Strong

I am an American and I love the island of Saint Martin! The island is like home to me and I have spent much time here over the years. I love the culture, the people, the community, and the beauty of this wonderful place. SXM Strong is a website where I share my thoughts and love about Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten with the world. I hope you enjoy it!

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