Vibrant Colors of Sint Maarten Shine in National Cultural Parade (Video)

When I first came to Sint Maarten I was just another tourist longing for beautiful beaches. It always starts out that way, but more often than not tourists who come to the Friendly Island once inevitably find themselves itching to return. The more I returned, the more I wanted to learn about the island, its people, culture, and traditions.

I always love learning about this beautiful place. And Sint Maarten’s Day is another great way to indulge in the customs and traditions that make the island so unique.

Sint Maarten’s Day is celebrated each year on November 11. In this video, you’ll see highlights from the Sint Maarten National Cultural Parade, which is what Sint Maarten’s Day is all about – cultural pride. It’s a day set aside to honor Saint Martin of Tours, and to revisit the history and traditions of this glorious island.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Jon Strong

I am a U.S. citizen living in Phoenix, Arizona, with my wife and two sons. My family considers Saint Martin a second home and we’ve been there countless times. We love the culture, the people, the community, and the beauty of this island. The people have always made us feel at home and welcome.

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