SXM Strong

On Wednesday, September 6, 2017, the island of Saint Martin found itself in the direct path of one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, hurricane Irma. This website was initially set up to help provide information following the catastrophic events of Irma. With funds raised through this website we were able to assist many individuals, families, and NGO’s working on and around the island to rebuild following the storm. We continue to support the island by contributing to organizations that support local citizens, communities, and businesses.

I’ve personally dedicated hours, days and months — not to mention, thousands of dollars — to help the local community rebuild and recover from hurricane Irma. And now that the storm is over, the island is very close to complete recovery, and a bright future exists for Saint Martin, I’ve decided to keep this website up and running as a place where people can come to find out information about all that Saint Martin has to offer.

As the creator of SXM Strong, I believe this phrase translates into all the island stands for and is: The natural beauty of its rolling green hills and stunning beaches, the friendliness and resilience of its people, the warmth of its oceans and air, the stunning colors of its flowers and wildlife, and the savor of its cuisine. All of these things will be highlighted here at

Me and my son Wyatt, exploring Grand Case beach.

On a personal note, I’m happy that this site gets to live on and I’m beyond excited to continue to share my love and passion for this beautiful place with you. If you’d like to learn more about me, hop on over to my ‘About Me‘ page.

As always, thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with me. If there’s any information you’re looking for, or suggestions you’d like to make, please send a note on the SXM Strong contact page, Twitter or Facebook. You can also find me on LinkedIn here. I’m open to any and all ideas to help promote this wonderful island. If you contact me, I will try to respond and answer inquiries as quickly as possible.


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