Saint Martin’s Rainbow Cafe Announces Plans to Reopen with ‘New Look and Many More Surprises’

Located on the shore of Grand Case Bay, Rainbow Cafe is one of our favorite places to spend an afternoon basking in the warm sunshine. Hurricane Irma destroyed much of the property in 2017 but they built back even better than before and were one of the first restaurants to reopen following the storm.

Back in October 2020, Rainbow Cafe announced they would be closing temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They teased that they would return “soon with many surprises for the next season.”

Given the vast upgrades they made following Irma, I can only imagine what they’ve been up to over the last couple of months. And it’s one thing to miss one of your favorite beach restaurants but it’s entirely different to know they making secret updates while you’re away.

Well, the wait is almost over.

They recently announced that they will be reopening soon. In fact, the date is sometime in mid-December, per their Facebook page, with the exact date coming soon. They’ll have a new look, new concepts, a new chef, and many more surprises.

Per their Facebook post:

Dear friends,
Here is a little message from Team Rainbow. It has been a while and we hope you are all doing well ? We really miss you and we hope you have been missing us too.

We took our time to relax and to nourish ourselves with new ideas to be able to open our doors again with:
A NEW LOOK, NEW CONCEPTS, A NEW CHEF and many more surprises..

We are excited and we can’t wait to welcoming you back to: relax on the beach, enjoy a seaside lunch and to watch the sun go down at Rainbow Cafe


In addition, Boulevard de Grand Case, which is the road Rainbow Cafe is located on, was recently resurfaced with asphalt which will improve access to all the businesses that line the main road through Grand Case. That road was never in great shape but things got even worse following Hurricane Irma, to the point where parts of the road were so bad that it was difficult to traverse.

So, whenever you’re ready to return, Rainbow Cafe will be waiting with some pretty cool surprise updates. I, for one, cannot wait to go!

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Jon Ferlise

I fell in love with the island of Saint Martin the first time I visited to celebrate my 40th birthday in May of 2009. Since then, I've spent most birthdays there, and have visited countless other times getting to know this wonderful place and the friendly locals that make it so special. I adore the culture, the people, the community, and the beauty of this stunning island. SXM Strong is a website that I started to support humanitarian relief efforts following Hurricane Irma. There was no plan, it just evolved as I witnessed the devastation that Irma caused the island and the huge need to communicate and disseminate information about what had happened and how people could help support this island and its people.

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