PM William Marlin Gives Update to Country, Discusses Relief, Evacuations, More – Sept 8, 2017 (Audio)

For the second night in a row, Prime Minister William Marlin addressed the Country of Sint Maarten over the airwaves of Laser 101 FM.  Following are the highlights taken from his address. The audio file is located at the end of this post.

State of Emergency declared for Sint Maarten effective immediately 

  • 6 pm curfew will be strictly enforced
  • Citizens are to obey all police directives immediately
  • Do not leave your local area during the day and do not drive at all unless you are authorized
  • There has been criminal activity and violence on the island
  • Criminals entering hotels and private homes
  • Curfew is meant to protect the citizens
  • People should help their neighborhood and start the recovery process

Hurricane Jose

  • St. Maarten is under hurricane warning
  • Jose is a category 4+ hurricane
  • Currently tracking just to the north of the island
  • There will be at least tropical storm force-winds and a lot of rain
  • People should focus on preparing for the storm, secure windows and buildings

Military and police presence

  • 42 police have arrived from Curaçao
  • 19 police have arrived from Aruba
  • 45 marines have arrived
  • 150 total marines on the island with more scheduled to arrive starting tomorrow
  • Their goal is to restore law and order, focus on reconstruction efforts

Airport and tourist evacuation update

  • SXM airport and runway has been cleared
  • Several relief flights landed today
  • Commercial flights logistically unable to get in today
  • Airlines asking to come in to fly tourists out, hoping they will be able to tomorrow
  • First priority is to evacuate medical patients
  • Flights will arrive at 7:30 am and will start to take dialysis patients to Curaçao or Aruba

Relief & Supplies

  • Water distribution has started via water tank trucks
  • Drinking water and other rations were flown in today and more will come tomorrow
  • American relief flight came in today with a lot of rations and took 24 tourists off the island
  • Goal is to bring in more supplies, building material, and rations once Hurricane Jose passes
  • Logistics of distribution will be arranged and announced

Other items

  • Damage assessment report and recovery plan is being developed
  • Parliament scheduled to open on Tuesday
  • Garbage collection began today
  • Alternative locations designated to collect wreckage and debris, which will be systematically removed from the island
  • Household garbage will be collected and taken to the dump
  • Shelters are open and operating (see list here)
  • Shelter capacity will expand and announcements will be made tomorrow

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