Orient Beach Update, Part 2 – Nearly Two Years After Irma: Bikini Beach Bar and Restaurant

Orient Beach is quintessential Saint Martin. If you’ve visited the island via cruise or air chances are extremely high you’ve been to Orient Beach. Outside of Maho Beach — best known as a favorite place to watch aircraft buzz overhead while sipping a cold cocktail — Orient Beach is the top beach destination on the island.

Following hurricane Irma, Orient Beach was literally wiped clean, showing off it’s tremendous raw beauty. The storm left the iconic beach wide open, a clean slate of natural perfection. And as the beach bars have begun to rebuild, they’re taking measures to ensure that things get done the right way, and not just the quickest way.

Walking up the beach, from the south to north and just past the clothing optional area, there are three beach bars that have rebuilt using beautiful wood and stone that fit in quite nicely with the natural surroundings. The first establishment you’ll encounter on your stroll is Kontiki Beach bar and restaurant, which I posted about earlier this week and you can check out here.

If you continue up the beach you will come to Bikini Beach bar and restaurant, which is featured in the video below taken on May 27, 2019. Bikini is located at the end of the main street of the Orient Beach plaza area. You can’t miss it since it’s the very first beach bar you see as you drive towards the beach.

Just like Kontiki, Bikini Beach was completed rebuilt from the ground up using mostly wood and stone. The result is a beautifully styled facility that is ready to host you and your guests. The food is wonderful and the ambience cannot be beat. Check out the video to get a full walkthrough of the place and maybe even plan where you’ll have your first drink when you arrive.

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Jon Strong

I am a U.S. citizen living in Phoenix, Arizona, with my wife and two sons, ages 4 and 6 (and yes, they LOVE SXM as much as we do!). My family considers the island a second home and we’ve been there countless times. We love the culture, the people, the community and the beauty of this island. The people have always made us feel at home and welcome. This is a small way for me and my family to support an island and it’s people that we hold so dear.

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