Now Available: Discover Irma – Limited Edition Photo-book

SXM Strong is thrilled to offer the newly released Discover Irma special edition photo-book filled with stunning images taken in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten following Hurricane Irma. We are able to offer this incredible book to you at a substantial savings compared to directly ordering through the publisher.  

Saint Martin / Sint Maarten – For more than twenty-nine years, through various publications, Editions Rosdal has taken the lead to promote the image of the islands of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten and Saint-Barthélemy.

On September 6th, 2017 from 2 am until noon, hurricane Irma hurtled through the tiny Caribbean island, destroying everything in its wake. It was the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in this part of the globe, leading specialists to refer to it as a super-hurricane.

Many sectors of activity on the island will be at a standstill or severely slowed over the next few months. The tourist season that was about to start has been slowed to a drip. The magazines published by Rosdal, that were ready to go to press, will not appear this season. As many people, we’ll have to “hang on” several months till the restart of the tourist activity.

The images illustrating this special edition were captured in the hours and days following the passage of Irma by photographers who live in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. They all wanted to document for posterity the extreme violence of the storm in order to leave a lasting record of this important and unique event. Each of these apocalyptic images expresses the particular sensitivity of the photographer who took it and frequently, ironically, a strange “beauty”.

This special edition is dedicated to the island of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten and its inhabitants. Showing great courage and remarkable determination, they all aspire to just one end, to transform this disaster into opportunity and to rebuild their Friendly Island.


    Price – $25*
    Shipping to U.S. – $10
    Shipping to Canda – $15

    *For orders over 2 books, please contact me here

    Please note: All orders will begin shipping after the first week in February.

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