Hotels – Sint Maarten (Dutch Side)

Dutch Sint Maarten has a great mix of hotels for every taste. There are high-end luxury hotels, upper end beach resorts, middle of the road hotels and no frills places for the budget conscious. There really is something for everyone.

Following is the beginning of what will eventually be a much more complete list of hotels, resorts and villas in Sint Maarten. For now, this list is reserved for the hotels that have been confirmed to be open and accepting guests since Hurricane Irma. This list will become more expansive as more hotels open.

Princess Heights Luxury Condominiums & Hotel
156 Oyster Pond Road, Dawn Beach, St. Maarten
Call 1 721 543 6858 to make reservations

Commodore Suites
Welfare Road 109, Simpson Bay, St. Maarten
Call 1 721 544 3110 to make reservations

Baker’s Suites
Spinel Road #2, Simpson Bay, St. Maarten
Call 1 721 544 0095 to make reservations or visit the website

Travel Inn Hotel
Airport Rd #15, Simpson Bay, St. Maarten
Call 1 721 545 3353 to make reservations

Simpson Bay Suites
3D Billy Folly Road, Simpson Bay, St. Maarten
Call 1 721 544 4441 to make reservations

6 Roberts Drive, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten
1 727 388-9822 to make reservations or inquire on their website
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